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The Lizard Stone mission is to build green energy-efficient homes that incorporate a wide range of eco-friendly design and materials. Positioning the house for maximum benefit of Passive Solar heating in winter and protection from direct sun in the summer months begins with the design phase.

Renewable resources & recycled materials are used everywhere possible - blue jean or recycled cardboard insulation, bamboo flooring, soy-based paints, natural clay finishes, clay/adobe flooring, water harvesting systems, in-floor heating, paperstone countertops and more.

Custom fit to the site, with no rearranging of the land to accommodate the home. Our homes are manageable size and comfortable living spaces.

Energy, knowledge and care guide every project. We stay abreast of the changing industry and make it possible for clients to incorporate the most current products, materials, technology and green-building techniques available.

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Silver City, New Mexico